A few pics...

Here are a few pics of some FOs I finally got around to photographing and running through Instagram...

It seems I'm making everything in twos these days! I finished my Color Affection early in the summer and started on my sister's but have since stopped and left it on pause.

I knit the Honey cowl in beautiful MadelineTosh Tosh DK in the Composition Book Grey colorway and it is soft, warm and beautiful. I have started on my second one for my roommate in Tosh Vintage this time, in the logwood colorway. The difference between the two yarns is amazing. DK is much more elastic and soft than Vintage, although I think Vintage will hold up better...

I have also knit myself a Sixteen Cables hat, such a simple and quick knit. I used Rowan Kid Classic for this one, as recommended in the pattern, but after blocking it turned out a bit too big, especially around the brim. I might have to tuck some in so that it fits better... I immediately knit another one for my sister who wanted it more as a beanie so I skipped a few rows towards the end and started decreasing earlier. Also, I used Abuelita Merino Worsted and it is incredibly soft and chunky at the same time. I have to admit I am slightly jealous of hers as it fits much better than mine.

My Keep calm dress by Veera Valimaki is also under way but I often feel the need to leave it for a while as it is very repetitive and doesn't knit up very fast. I knit these little projects not to get bored with it, but I fully intend to finish it and wear it this winter!

I leave you with a picture of a Basil cuddle, you can never have enough of those!


Holiday knitting projects

I am counting the days until my vacation starts. It will not be for real until the beginning of August, as my deadline is on July 16th (very close and I'm still not done!), so I guess it will be a forced holiday, but still... 
My Color Affection is moving along very slowly and it is a bit frustrating. I am too tired at night to knit more than a couple of rows at a time and, as I have reached the end of Section 2, these rows are getting longer and longer! I never thought I would be awaiting short rows as much as I am! But I am very pleased with how it is going. The yarn I chose initially, Holst garn 100% Supersoft Uid is much nicer than I thought at first. I found it very thin and not soft at all but it does become fluffier and rounder gradually, which is lovely. I have chosen two different shades of grey (!), a light grey and a dark one. I had also chosen a pink color, called Peony, but I did not like it at all. So instead I changed drastically and selected, for my second color, a ball of sock yarn from French shop La Droguerie in a wonderful dark and bright Raspberry shade. It is lovely! Slightly bigger than Holst garn, but I do not think it will be a problem... 

Not proud to say that I have already ordered yarn for my second Color Affection, even though my first is far from finished! I have ordered Abuelita Yarn Merino 3 ply in two beautiful purple colors and a natural/undyed one. Can't wait to start! 

But... wait! I also cast on my own Still Light dress! I had bought some Drops Alpaca in order to knit the Vitamin D sweater by Heidi Kirmaier and then... I changed my mind! I kept changing my mind about this pattern, and then I realised that maybe I didn't love as much as I thought... So, when in doubt, stick with what you know and love, I say! Another pattern by Veera was exactly what I needed in the end! It will be a long project, I'm sure, all those rows of stockinette will take me ages to complete, but what a great holiday project! Everyone says it is easy and incredibly clear to follow. Of course, I still have my Abalone to finish, and my second and bigger Henslowe, but hey! What are holidays for? 


Inspiring images

I have been so, so busy with work lately that I haven't been knitting as much as I would like to. I usually knit a couple of rows in the evening before collapsing onto the bed... So my Color Affection is going very slowly indeed, and all my other projects have been put on hold for the moment (some of my WIPs are: a bigger Henslowe to wear as a shawl using 2 skeins of Malabrigo Arroyo and an Abalone sweater in Cascade 220). I did finish a Crisp and gray vest, pattern by Veera, and it's great, but I always have the same problem! Whenever I wash my FO for the first time, it seems to grow so much! My gray vest is at least 10cm longer than I wanted it to be... I will definitely have to take it into consideration for next time...
So lately, the only thing I've had time to do was surf on the net and find some ideas for future projects. I'm also super excited about starting sewing classes in September, and have been finding inspiration for future sewn clothes too!

Like this dress by APC! isn't it the perfect combination of crochet and sewing? Can't you just see yourself making and wearing it? I certainly can! (even though I can't crochet! Each time I've tried, it's turned out to be a disaster!) But you could just as easily knit a nice lacy collar for a simple dress. 
Photo credit: Amy Butler

I also totally fantasize about being able to sew wonderful things very soon, and absolutely thought I should try these lounge pants, I think they look fantastic! Pattern from Amy Butler's In Stitches. Think I might have to buy that one. Lounge pants is basically all I wear since I work from home and can't often be bothered to dress up if I'm going to spend the day at home anyway... 

In a few days, my deadline will be past and I will be able to breathe a little better again, maybe even start my holidays early, who knows? Spending all those summer afternoons knitting, reading and watching movies is all I dream about right now, but still many pages to translate before then... 


Veera designs...

These two FOs were finished not so recently (a couple of months ago), but I love them so much I had to show them! The perfect winter ensemble of cowl and hat, I give you Shimmer in Blue and Here and There! I love the slanted cables on the cowl and the clever construction of the hat with the stripes and cable. They go great together and I can't wait for this winter when I will finally get to wear them...


Gilmore Girls knitting inspiration

First off, I am a major TV geek and one of my favourite shows ever is Gilmore Girls. I am currently rewatching episodes for the millionth time. Seriously, what could be better than knitting while watching Gilmore Girls with a steaming cup of green tea? So, while watching, I stumbled upon some really great knitwear that I can't wait to try and make myself. Like the famous Rory cabled hat:

I love the big and smaller cable but the overall simple look of this hat. Cables are one of my favourite knitting techniques and one of the first more 'complicated' techniques I learnt.
Then, there's Lorelai's wonderful intricate cardigan, cables again, I know!

And another hat:

Gilmore Girls is full of inspiration for us knitters, think of those brisk, cold winters in Connecticut, Stars Hollow under the snow... (sigh).


Monday preview: my Henslowe

Just a quick pic to show my progress on the Henslowe shawl. I love the yarn: Malabrigo Sock in Abril, so beautiful...


My first sweater: the Twenty Ten cardigan

I recently decided to try my hand at knitting bigger projects and my sister asked for the Twenty Ten cardigan by Veera Valimaki. It seemed much harder than anything I'd ever done before but I always welcome a challenge and so I started. Bought the yarn, Cascade Ecological Wool, from the Laine et Tricot website (she has a great selection and is super quick to answer and send out the yarn). I had never seen such big skeins before and the ball I made was huge! I knit it in a size L and only two skeins were enough! I could not believe it! Seriously, 20€ for a hand-knit sweater! I'm amazed...

J'ai décidé récemment de me lancer dans la confection de projets plus ambitieux et ma soeur m'a commandé le Twenty ten cardigan de Veera Valimaki. Ce projet me paraissait beaucoup plus compliqué que tout ce que j'avais fait auparavant, mais j'aime relever des défis, je me suis donc jetée à l'eau. J'ai acheté la laine, la Cascade Ecological Wool, sur la boutique en ligne de Laine et Tricot (cette nana a une super sélection de laines et répond et envoie super rapidement). Je n'avais jamais vu d'écheveaux de cette taille et la pelote était énorme! J'ai tricoté le gilet en taille L et seulement 2 écheveaux m'ont suffi! J'avais beaucoup de mal à y croire! Sérieux, 20€ pour un gilet tricoté à la main, je n'en reviens pas!

Anyway, it was much easier to do than I had anticipated and I am definitely going to knit many more sweaters, maybe even for myself, who knows?
So here it is, I'm sorry I don't have a picture of it worn but my sister is away on business and I could not resist showing it.

Enfin, c'était bien plus facile que je ne l'avais imaginé et c'est sûr, je vais en tricoter d'autres, peut-être même un pour moi, qui sait?
Alors, le voilà, désolée de ne pas avoir de photo avec le gilet porté mais ma soeur n'est pas là pour le moment.

I'm finishing my roommate's Abalone, only four rows to go but that body edge is loooong! I am NOT looking forward to the I-cord bind-off on this baby, it's going to take hours...
So instead, I cast on my Henslowe! It was a spur of the moment thing. I did not intend to start a new shawl, especially since my Color Affection is still waiting and far from finished, but... Oh well! I really liked this design by Beth Kling and I had a skein of Malabrigo sock in Abril. It is a beautiful colorway: purple, blue and pink, I am in love with it!

Je suis en train de terminer le modèle Abalone que je tricote pour ma coloc, plus que quatre rangs à faire mais la bordure du corps est trop longue! Et rabattre les mailles en I-cord va me prendre des heures, c'est certain, vu le nombre de mailles que j'ai relevées.
Donc, à la place, j'ai commencé un Henslowe! C'était vraiment sur un coup de tête. Je n'avais pas l'intention de commencer un nouveau châle, surtout que mon Color Affection m'attend encore et qu'il est loin d'être terminé, mais... Tant pis! J'adore ce modèle de Beth Kling et j'avais un écheveau de Malabrigo Sock dans le coloris Abril. La couleur est superbe: du violet, du bleu, du rose, c'était le coup de foudre!