Gilmore Girls knitting inspiration

First off, I am a major TV geek and one of my favourite shows ever is Gilmore Girls. I am currently rewatching episodes for the millionth time. Seriously, what could be better than knitting while watching Gilmore Girls with a steaming cup of green tea? So, while watching, I stumbled upon some really great knitwear that I can't wait to try and make myself. Like the famous Rory cabled hat:

I love the big and smaller cable but the overall simple look of this hat. Cables are one of my favourite knitting techniques and one of the first more 'complicated' techniques I learnt.
Then, there's Lorelai's wonderful intricate cardigan, cables again, I know!

And another hat:

Gilmore Girls is full of inspiration for us knitters, think of those brisk, cold winters in Connecticut, Stars Hollow under the snow... (sigh).

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  1. I totally agree with you. Knitting while watching the Gilmore Girls is terrific