Holiday knitting projects

I am counting the days until my vacation starts. It will not be for real until the beginning of August, as my deadline is on July 16th (very close and I'm still not done!), so I guess it will be a forced holiday, but still... 
My Color Affection is moving along very slowly and it is a bit frustrating. I am too tired at night to knit more than a couple of rows at a time and, as I have reached the end of Section 2, these rows are getting longer and longer! I never thought I would be awaiting short rows as much as I am! But I am very pleased with how it is going. The yarn I chose initially, Holst garn 100% Supersoft Uid is much nicer than I thought at first. I found it very thin and not soft at all but it does become fluffier and rounder gradually, which is lovely. I have chosen two different shades of grey (!), a light grey and a dark one. I had also chosen a pink color, called Peony, but I did not like it at all. So instead I changed drastically and selected, for my second color, a ball of sock yarn from French shop La Droguerie in a wonderful dark and bright Raspberry shade. It is lovely! Slightly bigger than Holst garn, but I do not think it will be a problem... 

Not proud to say that I have already ordered yarn for my second Color Affection, even though my first is far from finished! I have ordered Abuelita Yarn Merino 3 ply in two beautiful purple colors and a natural/undyed one. Can't wait to start! 

But... wait! I also cast on my own Still Light dress! I had bought some Drops Alpaca in order to knit the Vitamin D sweater by Heidi Kirmaier and then... I changed my mind! I kept changing my mind about this pattern, and then I realised that maybe I didn't love as much as I thought... So, when in doubt, stick with what you know and love, I say! Another pattern by Veera was exactly what I needed in the end! It will be a long project, I'm sure, all those rows of stockinette will take me ages to complete, but what a great holiday project! Everyone says it is easy and incredibly clear to follow. Of course, I still have my Abalone to finish, and my second and bigger Henslowe, but hey! What are holidays for? 

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